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Request medical records

To request your patient's medical records from one of our hospitals, please call or fax one of the numbers below to start the process.

CTCA Atlanta
Phone: 770-400-6100
Fax: 770-400-6937


CTCA Chicago
Phone: 847-872-6321
Fax: 847-746-6791
CTCA Philadelphia
Phone: 215-537-7999
Fax: 215-537-7879


CTCA Phoenix
Phone: 623-207-3080
Fax: 623-207-3923
CTCA Tulsa
Phone: 918-286-5354
Fax: 918-249-7506

To refer a patient to CTCA, please submit our referral form. Contact us at 855.709.5793 for more information.