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April 20, 2021

Does the DNA editing tool CRISPR have a future in cancer treatment?

scientists are studying new ways to use DNA in the medical care setting, exploring a state-of-the-art gene-editing tool called CRISPR.

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Immunotherapy for breast cancer

April 15, 2021

Immunotherapy gaining traction as a treatment for breast cancer

While immunotherapy has become a promising treatment against many cancers, it’s only recently gained traction in fighting breast cancer.

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Prostate cancer

April 13, 2021

Having prostate cancer doesn’t mean your sex life is over

There may be options for prostate cancer patients and survivors to help them preserve or regain sexual function during and after treatment.

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Breast cancer treatments

April 12, 2021

Natural breast cancer treatment vs. conventional treatment: What patients need to know

Weighing natural breast cancer treatment vs. conventional treatment? Read this before making a decision.

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Cancer and age

April 8, 2021

Aging is inevitable, but poor outcomes from cancer don’t have to be

While people 65 and older may be more likely to get cancer than younger folks, doctors say chances for positive treatment outcomes are increasing.

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Athletes with cancer

April 6, 2021

Athletes with cancer often inspire with stories of survival

Young professional athletes diagnosed with cancer today are inspiring others by battling back and not only surviving, but thriving in their sport.

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Oral chemotherapy

April 2, 2021

The advantages and disadvantages of oral chemotherapy: What patients need to know

Trying to decide between oral and IV chemotherapy? Read about the advantages and disadvantages in this article.

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COVID in cancer survivors

April 1, 2021

Study: Cancer survivors, not just current patients, are at high risk of COVID-19 symptoms

Research indicates that, compared to those who have never been diagnosed with cancer, long-term cancer survivors are at higher risk of developing severe symptoms from COVID-19.

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Immunotherapy for lung cancer

March 31, 2021

Immunotherapy for lung cancer: Unleashing the power of the immune system

Immunotherapy has been shown to take an active lung cancer and turn it into a controllable disease for some patients. Find out if it's an option for you.

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