Clinical services

Clinical services

Your patients will receive highly skilled, evidence-based care in a comprehensive care delivery environment by clinicians who have extensive experience in the management of early-, advanced-stage and complex cancers.

Our clinical specialists treat all major and rare cancers with great attention to optimizing patients’ quality of life using multiple evidence-based clinical resources, treatments and technology.

Surgical oncology

Specialty surgery

Special expertise

Radiation oncology

Medical oncology

Pathology and lab services

  • Pathology consultation services
  • Tissue biorepository services

Precision medicine

  • Advanced genomic testing
  • Precision medicine care coordination
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Molecular tumor board
  • Medication acquisition program
  • Clinical genetics

Innovative clinical trials

  • Rapidly expanding clinical trial options through pharmaceutical and biotech relationships
  • First-in-state clinical trials

Integrative and support services

Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) is a comprehensive cancer care network that serves adult patients with cancer.

CTCA® offers surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, interventional oncology, genomic testing, precision cancer treatment and immunotherapy. At the same time, we support patients' overall well-being with therapies designed to enhance their quality of life while managing side effects during and after treatment.

We deliver care through the CTCA network, which includes locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and Tulsa. Our multidisciplinary teams are organized by an assembly of skilled clinicians across the enterprise who spearhead the expansion and enhancement of specialized, disease-specific cancer care. These experts work together using evidenced-based clinical pathways to deliver quality care and stay abreast of clinical innovations.

Refer a patient

Our pledge to referring physicians

We will:

We understand how busy you are, and what it means to put your trust in others to see that your patient gets the quality cancer care he or she deserves. That’s why we have a referral process designed to make it easy and efficient to get your questions answered and refer your patient to any one of our five cancer hospitals or outpatient care centers. Simply fax us, contact us or submit a request for us to contact you.

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