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cancer fighters

Cancer Fighters

Connecting with others who are also fighting cancer can be empowering. The camaraderie built of a shared experience—cancer—can be tremendously helpful with making treatment decisions or getting answers to questions on a number of topics.

Created for and by our patients more than two decades ago, the Cancer Fighters® team may help in two ways. First, if you are considering treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) and wish to talk with a patient, our Oncology Information Specialists will connect you with a patient who has gone through treatment so you can hear his or her experience firsthand. Second, if you become a patient at our hospital, Cancer Fighters will continue to support you throughout your cancer treatment.

Cancer Fighters are CTCA® patients and their caregivers who offer a number of resources to support fellow CTCA patients during the cancer journey. The Cancer Fighters program:

Supports you: Share your feelings and challenges with a network of people who have been in your shoes. Through our program, you will meet people who have been touched by cancer to find a source of compassion, and come together to receive comfort, support and hope.

Empowers you: Get answers to your questions from fellow Cancer Fighters. You will also have access to a wide variety of valuable resources related to cancer from our Education Department, a team available to help see that your interests are supported throughout your journey.

Informs you: Learn updates about treatments and technologies as well as hospital events. You will also receive communications throughout the year that contain useful tips and timely information for those living with cancer.

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