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Oncology Clinic at Home

We understand the challenges many patients endure to receive chemotherapy—whether they live down the street or hundreds of miles from our hospitals. That’s why, at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA), we strive to make chemotherapy infusions and injections as comfortable and convenient as possible—including by giving qualifying patients the option of receiving these treatments at home.

With our Oncology Clinic at Home, patients who meet certain criteria can receive specific chemotherapy or immunotherapy infusion or injections without leaving the comfort of their own couch. Instead, the drugs and the sophisticated equipment needed to administer them and monitor your progress are delivered directly to your door, in a safe, comprehensive process that is facilitated by an in-person oncology-trained nurse and overseen by your care team.



Wrap-around care

Currently, Oncology Clinic at Home is available only to qualifying patients treating at CTCA® Atlanta. Oncology Clinic at Home services may soon be expanding to treat more patients in more locations. Check with your care team to see if and when services may be available to you.

Patient safety is our priority

Oncology Clinic at Home services are designed with patient safety in mind.

With Oncology Clinic at Home:

Who’s eligible for Oncology Clinic at Home?

Oncology Clinic at Home services provided by CTCA are evolving and are not available to all patients. Check with your care team to find out if Oncology Clinic at Home is available to you.

To qualify for Oncology Clinic at Home services, patients must:

Oncology Clinic at Home may not be available to patients with certain cancers. But the chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs that are permitted to be delivered with Oncology Clinic at Home are approved to treat many of the most common cancers, including:

How Oncology Clinic at Home works

  1. Before determining if you are eligible for Oncology Clinic at Home, you must receive your first infusion or injection at a CTCA hospital or outpatient care center.
  2. If you tolerate your treatment well and meet other criteria, you are considered eligible for enrollment in Oncology Clinic at Home to receive treatment in the home. Your care team will provide detailed information and instructions on how the program works and what to expect.
  3. CTCA will provide the necessary equipment and demonstrate how to use it in your home. Your chemotherapy or immunotherapy drugs are delivered separately. Instructions on handling, including whether or not refrigeration is needed, will be communicated to you.
  4. When it is time for your treatment, a licensed nurse, trained in oncology care based on ONS guidelines, will visit your home, open your delivered drugs and safely administer your infusion or injection.
  5. You will be connected to your care team at key points during your at-home care to monitor your vital signs and assess the development, frequency and severity of any side effects.
  6. If you are experiencing side effects, your care team will work with you to manage them.
  7. Your usual on-site care will continue as directed by your CTCA physician and care team for all other necessary treatment plans.

CTCA uses Microsoft® Teams to conduct some telehealth visits and services. MS Teams allows users to communicate via chat, video conference and other features. Before participating in Oncology Clinic at Home, you’ll be instructed on how to download and use MS Teams.

Patients are instructed on what to do if they have concerns about their treatments or if they are experiencing concerning side effects or have other conditions that may worsen with treatment.

CTCA Anywhere

Oncology Clinic at Home is among the growing number telehealth services provided by CTCA Anywhere®, our virtual visit technology that delivers expert cancer care to qualifying patients, where and when they need it.

CTCA Anywhere allows eligible patients to meet remotely with their oncologists and other members of their care team. Patients may also receive services such as genetic counseling or nutritional consultations, all delivered safely and securely in the comfort of home.

All CTCA Anywhere services, including Oncology Clinic at Home, comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Learn more about CTCA Anywhere

Questions and assistance

If you are an Oncology Clinic at Home or CTCA patient and have questions about the program, reach out directly to your care team.

If you are a new patient interested in learning more about Oncology Clinic at Home, please call (844) 941-2030.

If you have questions about telehealth, contact our telehealth support team:

Patient Telehealth Support Hotline: 800.234.0577

Telehealth Support Email: CTCATelehealthSupport@ctca-hope.com