Matt Rinehart,MS, RD, CSO, LD


Nutrition and Pastoral Care Manager

Matt Rinehart - Clinical Oncology Dietitian Team Lead

I strive to make sure patients are well nourished, both for their overall health and to build up their bodies for undergoing cancer treatment.

CTCA Tulsa
Nutritional Support
Advanced degrees:
BS, Nutritional Sciences - University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Oklahoma City
MS, Health Care Administration - Oklahoma State University, Tulsa
Registered & Licensed Dietitian
Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition

Matt Rinehart,Nutrition and Pastoral Care Manager at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA) in Tulsa, appreciates the individualized approach to caring for patients at CTCA®.

“At CTCA, clinicians meet often and discuss each department’s involvement and what we can do to make each patient better. Our approach is based upon the individual needs of each patient,” says Rinehart.

A registered and licensed dietitian, Rinehart earned a bachelor’s degree in nutritional sciences from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City. As he transitioned from a role as Clinical Dietitian to a leadership role, he also earned his master's degree in health care administration from Oklahoma State University in Tulsa.

Prior to joining CTCA, Rinehart served as a clinical dietitian at a hospital in Tulsa. There, he provided medical nutrition therapy to patients with a wide range of diagnoses. He also served as a health and wellness community dietitian for Tulsa County Health Department, where he developed a nutrition counseling program.

In September 2009, Rinehart joined the nutrition and metabolic support team at CTCA in Tulsa. When asked why he joined CTCA, Rinehart says, “I have several family members who have either had cancer in the past, are in remission, or have cancer currently.”

He adds, “Nutrition can make a positive impact on cancer patients in a number of ways. At CTCA, I’m able to help patients through the treatment process using a variety of nutrition therapies.”

It is the team approach to care, Rinehart says, that he enjoys most about working at CTCA. “The different departments keep each other up to speed on what they are doing so there is nothing lost in translation," he says. “Everything at CTCA is catered to patients so they can have the best treatment and experience while they’re here.”

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